Eye can write - Jonathan Bryan

I don’t think this is the type of book that you could give any thing less than 5* to.

Jonathan is a fun loving, hugely intelligent, hilarious 12 year old school boy, oh and he has cerebral palsy. This is his memoir of his life so far, and what a life! I read this book in one day (well it spanned midnight so I guess two days), it was moving, emotional, funny, thought provoking, a bit anger provoking and generally a good read.

“Love like ours needs no language, so we sat with prayers surrounding us and waited.”

He loves his family and his faith, which I think is the main point of his story. The hero of this book is his Mummy. But Jonathan LOVES his sisters- that is clear to see.

We learn that the ‘special’ school that he was enrolled in, was more like a babysitters and not much education was happening. His mum knew that there was more to Jonathan than what the specialists and experts were saying. She had faith in him, and I guess a mother’s instinct, that told her he was in there just waiting to be unlocked, so he could tell the world how he felt. She taught him to use a spelling board to communicate, which his doctors and teachers didn’t think was possible.

It is an emotional read, when you hear what he has been through in his little life. The illnesses and the non-expectation.

What I took from this book was how articulate and advanced a writer he is. Not because of his CP but because HE IS ONLY 12!!! He writes like an adult, a very well educated adult. And the best thing about Jonathan’s book is how funny he is. He has a dry sense of humour, a dark sense of humour – “I knew this word ‘better’ was a relative word for me – it only meant I hadn’t died this time!”

I hope Jonathan achieves his goals of getting all children to be taught to read and write irrespective of their ‘label’. And I also hope he writes more. Perhaps some fiction? I imagine he could write an amazing satire of some sort.

Well done Jonathan, I hope to read more. And the BEST thing about your book…….. ‘Jonathon’s Brownies’. Recipe to be tried this weekend!

“Home baking has the power to make people extraordinarily happy.”

Becca x