Wow! What a book!
First of all this book from Lily Pebbles has exceeded my expectations- as a YouTuber/blogger/ influencer- I know Lily says she hates that word but it is the best to describe her- I didn’t actually have very high expectations for this book as I expected it to be some kind of fluffy book reminiscing about sleepovers and playground bullies.

When this book was first released I resisted the social media hype for it and only ordered it some time later when I noticed that it was still being talked about online and a lot of the reviews were positive. However, what I found was a wonderful and charming exploration of friendship in which I was able to pinpoint who the “big sister” friend and the “childhood” friend are for me. This book was interesting and easy to read, along with lovely anecdotes and friendship sayings. I felt that as I was reading it I was picking up tips to hopefully be a better friend as that is how we learn and grow by constantly improving.
Secondly, I really liked her description of toxic friends, the friends for then and friendship breaks- as someone who has had to break up with a friend I can personally say that it is not easy and it hurts more than any romantic breakup, but this made me feel like yes it was horrible, but it was something I had to do and I wasn’t a complete cow for ending something that was making me miserable.

I am not a particular fan of Lily pebbles- I used to be back in the day but I feel that atm bloggers and influencers are not my cup of tea. But this book has made me see Lily in another light- also knowing what she sounds like it was quite nice to hear her voice in my head as I was reading it.

This book is going to get a permanent place on my bookcase- but first I am lending it to my ‘big sister” friend as I think she will really enjoy it…if she ever gets round to reading it 🙂

While I mention my big sister friend- how adorable is this bookmark that she sent me? A few weeks ago I got home to find a handwritten note from her in the post with this in. This is one of the many reasons that I love her and would be lost without her- I was having a bit of an emotional time and she had managed to send me a note too cheer me up at the same time as I was reading a book on friendship.

If she is actually reading this blog- I love ya hun 💋
Hugs and kisses, Kate x