What’s your number?

Mine is 50!

Yep, you read that right, 50! I own 50 lipsticks – and I have no idea what other number you might be referring to 😏

My 50 Lipsticks!

I own 50 lipsticks!

50 lipsticks!!!!

I am sat here looking at them spread out on the bed in front of me and it is baffling but at the same time totally unexpected.

50 lipsticks!! Sorry just felt the need to say that again while it sinks in.

And that magical 50 number does not include; liquid lipsticks, lip crayons, tinted balms or lip glosses. Nope, I kid you not, I own 50 ‘traditional’ bullet lipsticks.

In addition to this I also have 11 lipliners, 3 liquid lipsticks, 6 lip glosses, 1 lip tint, 1 Charlotte Tilbury Pocket Pout, 3 Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges, 7 tinted lip balms and a whopping but again not surprising 24 lip balms.

I knew I had a lot of lip products but actually counting them is something else all together – I also have 4 lip scrubs and in all honestly probably some more lipsticks and lip balms hidden away in handbags, my car and my desk at work, but these are all the ones I currently have around.

Why do I have so many lipsticks you might be asking – simple, because I love lipstick, because nothing brightens up your face and makes you look a lot more awake and put together as lipstick!
There is a reason there are so many inspirational quotes on Pinterest regarding lipstick and I personally believe in them.

lipstick collage

I am pretty sure that my favourite one is the one below, this to me is the call to arms on bad days, when you have barely slept and feel utter sh!te in the morning, when everything has gone wrong and you are on the verge of tears, putting on some lipstick ( and a few deep breaths first) helps me remember who I am and what I am fighting for, even if all I am fighting for is the strength to finish the day without screaming the F word at somebody πŸ™‚

coco chanel

It doesn’t even have to be a bright red lip, simply topping up with my normal mid-tone pink is enough to make me feel better. Though I often think that the worse I feel in the morning the brighter my lippie is that day, as it’s simply harder to frown when you are wearing a knock out shade from Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury.
The Missing Pink from Soap&Glory
My Everyday Lipstick – The Missing Pink from Soap&Glory
Lipstick is the finishing touch to your face and outfit – for me I can remember being very nervous for a job interview and going to Nars to buy a new lippie to wear on the day to give me confidence. While I left empty handed from Nars that day I still remember the lipstick that I did wear to the interview – Charlotte Tilbury’s Amazing Grace- and when I was reapplying it in the toilets before the interview I gave myself a pep talk channelling a combination of Grace Kelly for poise and elegance and The Queen Of All That Is Fabulous, Charlotte Tilbury, for confidence and determination – and yes, I got the job!

So, this Lipstick Day, grab your favourite lippie and let’s wear them loud and proud!

Lots of Love ( and Lipstick covered kisses)



Got to love an embossed lipstick. L-R Elizabeth Arden in Red Door Red, Tom Ford in Exotica and Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder in Black Cassis.