I adored this book! It starts off as seemingly sweet and charming but there is a darker undercurrent running through it.
The story is set in the charming town of Berescombe which sounds like heaven and I would love to move there – so maybe as our main character is the local estate agent she can sort me out with a deal 🙂


The main protagonist of the story is Tash, and it is mainly about her seemingly perfect relationship with ‘Mr Right’ Adrian. However, it quickly becomes apparent that while she seems to have the ideal life that many of us dream of ( Fancy Car, Lush house and Perfect Partner) that appearances are deceiving and all is not as it seems.

From the start Adrian was giving me the creeps and it was a little frustrating that it took Tash quite so long to realise what was happening – her ‘forgetfulness’ and mentions of not seeing her family for a while seemed like huge warning signs to me.
Thankfully, she realises what’s going on, but even then she came across as being a bit shallow as she realises that to leave him she will have to give up the materialistic trappings of her ‘perfect’ life.
However, thankfully the girl comes to her senses and of course realises that not all guys are like Adrian and that lovely Kit is right under her nose.
I would have liked more of Tash and Kit’s relationship, but as this is the first in ‘The Little Book Café’ series I am hoping that they will be mentioned in later books .
I didn’t realise when I first started reading it that Georgia Hill has previously written about the town of Berescombe in her earlier works so I am adding all those to my TBR list as I really liked her style of writing and the feel of the place.
Happy Reading