CL Taylor does it again. Fantastic thriller, from an awesome writer. I’ve read all her stuff and this has got to be my fav so far.

So, we’ve got grown up Louise, who was groomed and taken to France by her karate teacher, Mike 18 years ago. We’ve got 14 year old Chloe, who is desperately in love with Mike now, and wants nothing more than to run away with him. And we’ve got Wendy. Who is Wendy? Well I thought that was an excellent twist to the story.

Louise is a great character. She knows injustice is happening and NEEDS to stop it. Something inside her pushes her forward to right this wrong, even though she could easily just walk away.

Lou needs to try and stop Mike doing to Chloe what he did to her all those years ago, but how far is she willing to go? And how dangerous is Mike, especially when confronted?

This was so good, really thrilling. Kind of claustrophobic and mesmerising as well. I read it in big chunks, and didn’t want to put it down for work! It makes you feel all kinds of things. You don’t know what to believe and who to trust. Well we know Mike is a baddie. But what about some of Louise’s decisions? You question whether she has in fact gone a bit mad, at times. 🙂

I would recommend this to any Taylor fans, thriller fans, fiction fans. (Although this reminded me of that story a couple of years ago in the news, where the girl went to France with her teacher- so maybe not 100% fiction!)

I own all of CL Taylor’s work and love all of them. Looking forward to Sleep – which comes out in March next year. A LONG time to wait for something we know is going to be as excellent as it’s predecessors!

Becca x

The Fear – CL Taylor