Here it FINALLY is, my second beauty blog post! Admittedly, I could have gone with something a little less challenging but hey ho there is nothing like jumping in at the deep end, so here it is, my complete overview of everything from Glossier.

All opinions are mine and yes I have screenshotted the Glosser website as owning every product on the website, as lovely as that would be, is not doable.

Well this got off to a good start – I went on the Glossier website so I could remind myself of some of the products and ended up buying two face masks… ooops!

First off, let’s start with a weird one – The Balm DotCom Universal Skin Salve. – This is basically one of those fabulous multipurpose lip balm, cuticle balm, rich moisturising products similar to Elizabeth Arden 8 Hr Cream and the Liz Earle Super balm. So far I have tried it in Rose, Birthday, Cherry and Mint and I am split 50/50 on liking it. The Rose and Birthday ones are great – nice light smells, super moisturising multiuse products, the Cherry and the Mint I really didn’t like the smell of – the Mint was too strong – though I think it might be useful next time I have a cold to put on the end of my nose to soothe the skin and help me breathe as it was so strongly scented. The Cherry one I absolutely loathed, and I actually thought this would be my favourite. First of all the cherry smell is very strong and very sickly so it instantly put me off. Secondly, it’s supposed to have a cherry colour tint to it – oh no, what it actually is, is a bright red balm, but it’s very slippy so it smeared across my lips and lower face leaving me a bit like a vampire! With the heavy tint I wasn’t really able to use it anywhere else without looking like I was bleeding so the Cherry Balm Dotcom gets massive thumbs down from me while the Rose one gets a massive thumb’s up as I am nearly done with it and will definitely be repurchasing. I have yet to try the original scent and the coconut Balm Dotcom’s but I will probably purchase them at some point.

balm dot com-01.jpeg

My Glossier Loves 
Glossier Priming Moisturizer in Rich – This is a gorgeously rich face cream that also works as a primer for makeup. As such I only tend to use it in the morning as at the price point I have other creams that I can use in the evening .

It is ‘Rich’ so lovely, thick and creamy making it ideal for the days when I wake up with really dehydrated skin. My skin is on the greasy/ oily side but with the recent heat wave I have been waking up feeling very dehydrated so this has been fab at getting  some of the moisture back into my skin. I am actually on my second pot as I have already used up one pot and had to repurchase.



After initially writing this I decided to be a maverick and apply it in the evening as a night cream and I woke up with lovely moisturised skin so it definitely works as a night cream.

Glossier Boy Brow – I have the shade Blond. Until I used this I wasn’t much into coloured brow gels – I used a pencil to fill in gaps in my brow and clear mascara to keep them in place as it’s much cheaper. This though is ace, it’s the right shade of light brown without giving me a really strong scouse brow, the brush is tiny so you don’t end up with random bits of brow gel on your forehead and it does appear to actually last all day!


Glossier Lash Slick Mascara – Now I am a total sucker for a new mascara and when this came out I really wanted it but at the same time I was wary as so often mascaras do not live up to the hype. First of all, this is supposed to be a ‘natural’ look mascara which doesn’t sound like my kind of mascara so I did wait awhile before purchasing, eventually I caved and am I glad I did. This is definitely a ‘your lashes but better’ kind of mascara as it is just the right amount of lengthening and the right shade of black that I look awake and like I have made an effort without having huge great big lashes weighed down with clumpy mascara. Another great thing about this mascara is that while it is not waterproof it really stays on your lashes, I am someone who often finds that half way through the day I will wipe my eyes and end up mascara smeared across my face, but this stays put all day until I remove it in the evening.


lash slick.jpg

My Take Or Leave Products

Invisible Shield Sunscreen – okay so it’s a sunscreen, there isn’t supposed to be anything sexy or exciting about it but I do find this product just a little meh. It’s a clear non sticky SPF 30 sunscreen that can be used under makeup without that horrible ‘bobbling’ effect that occurs when you apply foundation over sunscreen. I have been using it over the summer in between my skincare and makeup and so far so good. I think my issue could be the price – its only factor 30 and its £20, however I also own a factor 50 facial sunscreen that I think was around £16 and is a bigger bottle?? An ok product but I don’t think I will be repurchasing.


Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser – This seems to be the hero of the range as it is supposed to be the perfect cleanser for everyone. Personally I didn’t love it as much as I do other cleansers, it didn’t seem to remove my makeup very well when used as a first cleanse and on my sensitive skin when it was used as a second cleanse it didn’t feel great and a couple of times my skin tingled after using. I would recommend you get it as a sample before you buy the bottle as for me this was not worth the price tag.



Glossier Priming Moisturiser in Light – This felt more like a primer than a moisturiser to me and while I have oily/sensitive/confused skin this didn’t feel as though it was giving me enough hydration as a moisturiser so I ended up using this more as a primer and applying a separate light moisturising product to give my skin enough hydration to stop my foundation looking all cakey and drying out.


Glossier You Solid Perfume – I purchased this a few months back as I really like the ‘You’ fragrance but as I have lots of bottles of perfumes I decided that buying the solid perfume would make a nice change and it would be really handy for keeping in my handbag and travelling. However, I wish I had purchased the bottle of perfume as I don’t think the scent from the solid perfume actually lasts once it is applied to the skin. And as for keeping it my bag with me or travelling? Forget it – for such a small product this is deceptively heavy.


My Dislikes  – Sorry Glossier

Stretch Concealer – This I really wanted to love, it’s supposed to be a lightweight ‘you skin but better’ concealer. Well clearly my skin really isn’t that great as this seemed pretty pointless on my skin. It didn’t matter if I used it around my nose to diminish redness, to cover spots or under my eyes it just seemed so sheer and lightweight that it didn’t help conceal anything. It also felt quite oily on my skin and whilst I imagine that might be really good for blending in, to me it just seemed as though it was slipping off my face all the time. I made a very valiant attempt with this and managed to use up half the pot before I decided that life really is too short to get angry at my concealer every day and chucked it.


Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick- Despite being the lippie that Dakota Johnson wears in Fifty Shades of Grey this lippie didn’t do anything or me – say what you like about the actual story but the fashion in Fifty Shades is amazing! I found that this didn’t give much colour pay off and while it is sold as a ‘sheer’ lipstick some actual colour would have been great to achieve a natural look but I did think it was too sheer. I tried it a couple of times but the actual bullet broke off the tube very quickly on my one so I wasn’t sad to just bin it.


My Not Fussed products

Glossier Solution this is another one of those ‘acid/liquid exfoliators/ toners’ that seem to be all the rage at the moment. I was excited when it first launched and did visit the website several times to order it but never made it all the way to checkout. After reading a couple less enthusiastic reviews about it I don’t think it is one that I will purchase soon, but I may purchase at some point just to try it out. Especially if it comes out in a travel size bottle so I can give it a go and see how my skin likes it without committing to a whole bottle.


Lidstar – This is a cream eyeshadow and as I have kind of oily eyelids cream shadow is not my friend. I am sure at some point I will order one but it’s not making my wish list just yet.

Haloscope Highlighter – I have naturally quite oily skin so highlighter especially liquid highlighter really doesn’t appeal to me.


Cloud Paint – This is billed as a sheer gel/cream blush, as I probably wear blush about once a month this holds no appeal for me and the feedback that I got from a friend who purchased it wasn’t exactly inspiring – it wasn’t bad, just want great either.


Perfecting Skin Tint – After how disappointing I found the concealer this product sounds way too sheer and lightweight for me to be tempted to purchase it.


Wish List

Rose Face Spray – I love a face spray and I really like rose scents so this is definite future purchase. this also has soothing in the title and I am looking for a cheaper alternative to my beloved Dermalogica Ultra Calming face spray which is a godsend whenever my skin has a sensitivity issue, so this is something that I am looking forward to trying out soon.


You Perfume – This is supposed to smell different on/ to everyone and I really like the way I smell it! I have already purchased the solid and was not that impressed ( texture not scent) so when I have finished up a bottle of one of my other perfumes I  think this will be the next perfume I buy.


Body Products – I have not seen much about these online to be honest but they are supposed to have the same scent as the perfume which automatically makes me want to try them. Props to Glossier for having the ladies of different shapes on the body products page though it is funny when you click on body products and get met by a naked lady when you are on your work computer 😊


The Super Pack Serums – as my skin is always so changeable – some days fine, others really dry and then oily and then sensitive I really want to give all of the Glossier serums a whirl just to see how they work for me as I have read some pretty good reviews for them. At the moment I have a couple of cheap serums in my drawer but no big ‘investment’ serums so these may very well be my next purchase. These are all available to purchase individually.


Lip Gloss – I can’t tell you why I want this, I just do! I am not really a lip-gloss person as I don’t like the high shine uber sticky glossy look but there is something about this that always draws my attention when I look on the website. Something tells me that I will have ordered this by the end of the year 🙂


Wowder – I am not the biggest fan of loose powder; I think I prefer pressed powder as it’s just more convenient for when I do my makeup in the car. However, a colleague of mine has purchased this and she thinks it’s pretty good so therefore its going on my wish list as I have pretty glowy cough** oily** cough skin.


Latest Order

Well as I was on the website it would have been rude not to make an order! And for this order it was the face masks that drew me in. Glossier do two face masks – Mega Greens and Moon Mask. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack which is supposed to detoxify the skin       (please zap my spots) and the Moisturizing Moon Mask which is a soothing hydrating treatment which I will probably use after the Mega Greens Mask or any time that my skin is having a sensitivity flare up. I can’t tell you what they are like as the package only arrived today. But as soon as I am finished here I am going to pop them on.


Lastly, a word about Glossier packaging as let’s be honest we don’t just want our products to work we want them to look pretty as well. As after all a  parcel in the post is of course a present to yourself and a package from Glossier certainly feels like a fabulous present to you!

To start with the brown cardboard box says ‘Hi Glossier’ with a smiley face so you know exactly what parcel it is, inside it is all gorgeous millennial pink and there is no wasted packaging.

Have a Nice Day to you too Glossier xxx


The cardboard outer can easily be recycled and all the products inside are in one of the Iconic Pink Glossier bags which are reused again and again as I am sure you have no doubt seen on social media.


And there are even stickers 🙂


Lastly, if you decide to buy anything use this link, you get 10% off and I get store credit so winning all-round


Well there it is! My Glossier brand guide is DONE!!

Feel free to share your favourite hits and misses from Glossier in the comments and let me know what you thought of this piece –  please be kind, this is my first full length blog post and I keep second guessing everything on it!

Happy Shopping