I pre ordered this book months, and months, and months ago. Then two weeks before the paperback publication it pops up on NetGalley. I request and cross my fingers, toes, eyes, anything that will cross. I get friend on standby for when it doesn’t get approved. Then the approval email comes through, and I 🌟squeal🌟 with delight to my office – who have no idea what I’m talking about and dismiss my drama by getting back to work without a word.

So I got it. And I was so super excited to start it, I downloaded it at my desk and started reading on my lunch break. I love Karen Rose and all her books. There isn’t one that I haven’t liked. I have said before, that the thing I like most about her books is the character development. I love how we get to know a group of characters and then we see them again and again in each instalment. It is like revisiting old friends, and who doesn’t like that?

The story : Thomas Thorne is a Lawyer who defends the young troubled defendants that remind him much of himself when he was younger. He fights injustice and does a damn good job of it too. He owns a bar with his two best friends Lucy and Gwyn, Gwyn who he loves desperately…… and secretly. A girl ends up dead in Thorne’s bed, and ultimately he is accused of her murder – well yeh there’s a dead woman in his bed?! Can he fight to clear his name, and can he also tell the one woman he truly loves, how he feels?

This had all the usual Karen Rose hallmarks – love and friendship, romance and passion, gruesome murder and frustrating injustice. The writing was excellent, it all flowed well and time flew as I was reading. It was that same old problem of rushing through because it is so good, but not wanting it to end – and it is a BIG book.

I was on the edge of my seat waiting for Thorne (*swoon*) and Gwyn to actually get it together and kiss, and every time they looked like they were going to and didn’t, I just had to read on to make sure they did in fact get together. After all they have been through, I am glad they found some happiness together. And gave a little cheer when it finally happened.

“And then I found you. Right where you’d been all along.”

Tevilla is a baddie. Plain and simple. We know early on that he is the guy causing Thorne all this trouble. He is such a psycho. He enjoys the kill, the pain and the blood. He relishes in controlling his people and getting them to do all sorts of things for him. We have seen him before, in earlier stories, and when he turned up here I was a little glad that we could finally put him down, like the dog he is. (No offence doggies!)

I do have the tiniest quibble with this one, Lucy goes on a lot about breastfeeding – pumping, exploding – it was quite often, in the first 20-25% of the book. But this is minor. Didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the book, just something I noticed as unnecessary for the story. Once would have been enough to remind us that Lucy and JD had a baby! It kind of fades away after the first quarter of the book though, so all good!

If you enjoy romantic suspense then this is for you. All Rose’s books are fantastic, this was no exception. Go out and buy it when it comes out next week. I can’t wait for mine to arrive in the post so I can add it to my Karen Rose shelf, ready for re-reading when the time comes! – – – – this is now not coming out in paperback until 18/10/2018? I had 02/10/2018 in my diary as that is what Amazon told me! Noooooo!!

Becca x

Death is not enough - Karen Rose
Death is not enough – Karen Rose