I started this book on a Saturday, on my way up to the Cheltenham Literature Festival, and finished the last 15 pages on the Monday morning before work. It flew by, I was so intrigued by everything that was happening in this book that it just happened so quickly.

The story goes that Lily meets Ted on a flight back from London, to Boston. A seemingly random encounter, leads to Ted confessing to Lily that he wants to kill his wife, and Lily agrees to help him, as you do.

Like I say, I read this book in no time, I was engrossed from start to finish. The writing was effortlessly captivating and held my attention for hours at a time. I wanted to keep turning the pages to find out what happened next. The twists are fantastic. About halfway through there is the big reveal, which I didn’t see coming. I didn’t even anticipate a big twist. But it made so much sense once it was there. Then a couple more twists toward the end, completed this brain frazzler.

I didn’t like Ted. I didn’t want to like him either. Who says ‘I wondered what it would feel like to punch her as hard as I could in the back of the neck’. I mean, I know the point of the story, obviously, but still, having these feelings makes you not a nice person. The fact that this sudden need to kill his wife arose, seemingly out of nowhere, doesn’t ring true to me. Wouldn’t people have noticed this guy – he’d surely have some more outward signs that he was a bit loopy? So I didn’t like him, main character number one.

I didn’t like Lily. She is a pure and simple psychopath. From the start we know she has no problem advocating murder. If they are the kind worth killing. As we go through the book, I suppose we kind of warm to her, maybe kind of lukewarm. It’s not a good feeling, starting to empathise with such a bad character. I say empathise- but I don’t want to kill anyone. So, main character number two, I don’t like either.

Then there is Miranda, who for the first half of the book, was the one I hated least. Now, as she is the only one who has actually done something bad at this point, that we know of – cheating on Ted – we should probably hate her most. Well, we don’t like her but she shouldn’t deserve to die. So, main character number three….. it’s not looking good.

Then the twist happens, and I hate everyone and wonder if there are really these horrible, mean, bloodthirsty people in this world?? I mean come on, everyone wants to kill everyone! My poor brain couldn’t handle it!

Overall this was a really good book. I’d had it recommended to me by a lot of people, but when my Nan gave it to me and told me it was amazing, I just had to try it – and I’m glad I did!

Definitely recommended!

Becca x

The kind worth killing – Peter Swanson





A couple of minor things bugged me as I was reading, such as when Lily says to Ted, ‘You went to Maine?’ After only 48 pages ago, discussing him going there and him agreeing to it. I suppose it could be that she didn’t believe he would do it, but it reads more like she knew nothing of this plan?!

There is also a bit where Lily goes to New York for lunch with her dad and ends up randomly bumping into an old uni acquaintance. I have never been to New York, but this seems a bit unbelievable to me. I go to my home city a lot (because I live there) and very rarely bump into people that I kind of knew a while ago. New York is huge (apparently), would you bump into someone? Maybe you would.