Well what a ride that was! I won’t lie and say it was the best thing ever, and I will admit that half way through I got a little bit disheartened at the slow burn, but by the end I was racing through, and thoroughly enjoyed the ride!

Misery is about a writer, Paul Sheldon, who has an accident one day on an icey road. He is ‘rescued’ by his number one fan, Annie Wilkes. Annie takes Paul home and sets about making him better after his near fatal crash.

Being Paul’s number one fan, Annie is a tad upset that he has killed off her favourite character in his most recent book, so she makes him write her a new book, to fix this little error.

The story is told from Paul’s POV. It’s a creepy, chilling account of what happens in the weeks and months after he is imprisoned. His sarcastic and desperate narration, make this story all the more horrifying.

… again in his mind he imagined shoving a chunk of glass into her throat.

I don’t blame him to be honest.

I’ve read a few Stephen King books, and they all have in common, the fact they are excellently written. I tend not to read the more super natural ones, so can’t comment on the style of writing in those. But the true to life scenarios and frightening reflections on actual situations, are what make his works so petrifying. As outlandish as this story sounds it could happen. It isn’t impossible – improbable yes, but impossible no.

Annie is the ultimate monster. A crazy, psychopathic serial killer, who has a warped sense of care and loving. She is everyone’s worst nightmare, and rightly so. She is more terrifying because we know she is real, there are plenty of Annie’s out there waiting to show us her axe and electric carving knife!

…stared at the rat as it squeaked and struggled, and realised that he had actually believed that things could get no worse. Untrue. Un-fucking true.

*I got about half way into this and I found it started to drag for me, I knew that something was going to happen and it just wasn’t happening. But I pushed on and it got so much better after that little slump, that I powered through the rest quite quickly.*

The shocks are brilliant, they are occasionally expected but still shocking. This book is gruesome, it’s thrilling, you will be on the edge of your seat at times. I would highly recommend this one to horror fans.

I’d hoped to finish this for Halloween so I could watch the movie, but it just didn’t happen. So now I am ready to watch the film. In the daylight. With the doors locked. And someone holding my hand.


Becca x

Misery – Stephen King