Have you seen her? is the second in the romantic suspense series that currently stands at 21 books. (22 – Say you’re sorry – is out in 2019).

If you know me, you know I love Karen Rose novels. She is one of my go to authors for thrills and gore, but also a great story line. HYSH? is no exception. Here’s what it is about…

Steven Thatcher is a special agent in charge of finding a murderer. He is hunting a serial killer with a penchant for taking young cheerleaders, murdering, mutilating and dumping them for the police to find.

He also has a tumultuous family life to deal with, including three troubled sons, and a matchmaking aunt. Nicky, his youngest, was taken by a murderer in Rose’s first book, Don’t tell. He is afraid of sleeping in his own bed, he won’t smile anymore, and most heartbreaking of all, he won’t hug his father. Brad is Steven’s eldest, a teenager with a serious attitude problem. He resents his father, he’s stopped trying with his school work and he is letting his life go to ruin.

Steven can’t see a light at the end of the dark, hopeless tunnel that is his home situation, until he meets Jenna. Jenna is Brad’s teacher and brings his failing grades to the attention of is father, because it is so out of character for him. Sparks fly, and before we know it Jenna and Steven are doing all kinds of ice cream related naughtiness!!

Jenna is having trouble of her own, in the form of a failing football player, whom she has flunked and thus removed from the football team. He and his friends are tormenting Jenna, trying to get him back on the team.

Can Steven catch the killer before he takes another girl? Can he keep the woman he has fallen for? Will Nicky ever be back to the carefree child he should be? Why is Brad so angry?

I raced through this. It was as good as I remember it being the first time round. Karen writes in an easy, relaxed way. It’s not difficult to read, the plot was excellently mapped out, and I found myself wanting to read a bit more each time I went to put it down of an evening.

I didn’t like Neil much, although he isn’t a bad guy, he was just not my cup of tea, and I was constantly rolling my eyes every time he pined for the girl he couldn’t have. GET OVER IT!!!

Helen is an excellent character, and Steven is lucky to have her. Her cooking sounds divine and she’s a funny one. I loved meeting the characters we were introduced to in the first novel. It is a sign of things to come, as more and more people get added to the KR universe. I’m excited to get back to them.

There is plenty of sex and violence in this book. Not for the faint hearted: drugs, mental illness, murder, rape, kidnap. Oh there’s romance too. 🙂

I would recommend this as one of my favs – even though I say that about every KR book!


Becca x

Have you seen her? – Karen Rose