Whilst writing, Becca’s TBR on GoodReads is 100 and Kate’s is 151.

I think we all share the same trouble with our ‘to-be-read’ lists…. they are just forever getting longer and longer, with so many great books being released all the time, and so little time to fit them all in.

I recently went through mine and whittled it down to 100 (it took me a while)! There were some on there from when I started logging on GR, which, although I still want to read them, I realistically know that I won’t be getting around to them very soon.

The problem is, that we see a really great review which makes a book sound like the best thing since sliced bread, and we add it to mount TBR to read later on. Or our favourite author releases another book that we are obviously going to get ASAP. Or we just like the look of the pretty cover of the book we’ve seen at Waterstones. 🙂

What we then fail to do is go back and look through that list and actually read them in a timely manner. Or if we do, we have already added another 20 books to the list!

I am going to try and keep my TBR to 100, as much as possible. After my cull the other week, I noticed today that it had crept up to 102, so I went in and deleted two of the least likely to be read in the very near future.

I’m not sure how successful I’ll be at this resolution, but it’s worth a try.

The five books at the top of my TBR for next year are:

1. Third Watch – Robert Dugoni
2. Two Kinds of Truth – Michael Connelly
3. The Mountain – Luca D’Andrea
4. The Hunting Party – Lucy Foley
5. Fireproof – Alex Kava

Let’s see if they get read in 2019!

Happy reading, Becca x

What is your TBR total at the moment? Is it impossibly Mount Kilamanjaro or is it within-reach Mount Snowdon? 🙂