Sometimes there are books that we both enjoy… I know right!! Miss Thriller and Miss YA finding a common ground in bookland???? Whaaat? Yes.

We both loved The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society!

Here’s what we each thought of this one:

Kate: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Wonderful Wonderful Book!!! I picked this up after seeing the trailer for the movie and am so glad that I have read this before seeing the film.

After getting off to a slow start with this book as it’s written as a series of letters between different characters, which I initially found confusing, but once I got into a rhythm with it I was completely hooked.

The story is of a reporter who goes to Guernsey after WW2 to write about the German occupation of the Chanel Islands (something that I personally think often gets overlooked) and what life was like for the islanders during and after the war. I want to write so much more about the story but I am fearful of accidentally including spoilers. So I will simply say I loved it and I am going to enjoy handing the book over to friends and telling them they must also read it!

Ps I really want to go to Guernsey now 🙂


Becca: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


I wanted something light to read the week I read this, as my usual thriller/crime genre would not have been appropriate. I also needed to get this read before I watched the film…. which didn’t happen, by about 80 pages. (IF YOU LIKE THE BOOK DON’T WATCH THE FILM)! I started this book, and I *loved* it, straight away!

John Booker’s letter in May 1946  was so very sad, and then the last line of that letter, made me smile a bitter sweet kind of smile. I don’t enjoy reading about the war (I find it boring and unnecessarily  upsetting- why make yourself sad??) , and I don’t think I will make it a habit, but it was interesting and humbling to read the stories the islanders all shared.

I dislike-  War stories, Love stories, Stories where there isn’t a killer to catch, Stories where everyone is nice, and unrealistic…. This book was all these things, but I think it is one of my new favourites. I am dismayed to learn that the author is no longer around to write more, although I suspect I’d not enjoy another, and that this is a one time thing for me. This wasn’t my book, and I had to give it back to Kate once I’d finished it. But I went straight on to Amazon and ordered a copy 🙂 So it sits nicely on my book shelf, with all my other favourites!

Some points I think are important but are SPOILERS all the same – don’t read on if you are going to read the book.


When Remy writes to the Society about Elizabeth, it was so sad. So very sad. But it just affirmed my liking of Elizabeth even more. She was gutsy and feisty, and ultimately this got her captured and killed, but I imagine she wouldn’t have changed her actions had she known the consequences. This is what makes her so likeable. We should all strive to be a little bit more like her, standing up for others who are downtrodden and bullied.

When Sidney told Isola he was homosexual, I was so surprised! SO, surprised! I was rooting for Juliet and Sidney to get together in the end (even though I love Dawsey), and this just shattered that dream!! I had to stop reading for a moment to digest that it wouldn’t happen. I love Sidney, and I love the relationship him and Juliet have.


Did anyone else love this book? Let us know your thoughts below. 

B & K x