Say you’re sorry is the twenty-second book in the romantic suspense series by Karen Rose, however, it is the first in the new Sacramento series.

I am always super excited when a KR book comes out. She is one of my top authors, and reading her books is just such a comfort blanket – even with all the gore and violence, it still makes me feel … cosy. 🙂

In this book we are introduced properly to Daisy Dawson. She is the recovering alcoholic daughter of Frederick, who we met in Death is not Enough last year (Thorne and Gwyn’s story). A serial killer attempts to assault Daisy one night after an AA meeting, but she fights him off and gets away.

Daisy has self defence training and is street smart, because her father kept her and her sisters hidden on a ranch in the middle of nowhere for most of their lives to escape a supposed threat to their lives. (You can get the deets about that in Death is not Enough). She is the kind of person you would want around in a crisis, because although she has anxiety and struggles with her sobriety, she knows how to shoot a rifle in the right place and where to knee a bad guy… in the right place. 😉

So we now have a serial killer who wants to get back at Daisy for getting away. Who can we get to protect her? Enter Gideon Reynolds. Handsome, kind, burly, brooding Gideon. He is the tough FBI guy who has a link to the baddie by way of a locket Daisy pulled off the guy when she was fighting for her life. The attraction is instant, as with most KR romances, and within the week or so this book covers, they are in love.

The locket was a trophy the killer – who’s name is Carson by the way, but I’m just going to call him ‘the killer’ because, well he is one – kept from his last abduction. It belonged to an old childhood friend of Gideon’s that he knew from a cult he grew up in. Does this mean she is still alive? Can Gideon find her? This is why Gideon gets involved, he is best friends with Daisy’s landlord Rafe, who also happens to be a SacPD cop.

We follow Daisy and Gideon on their quest to find the baddie before he kills too many people. Along the way we meet a host of new people to add into our little KR world:

Rafe Sokolov- this is Daisy’s landlord and friend.  They grew up together before Daisy moved away to the hideaway ranch with her father.

Sasha Sokolov- Rafe’s sister. She also lives in Rafe’s house in the other apartment. 

Irina and Karl – are the Sokolov’s parents. Eccentric russian family, who take in anyone who needs a home.

Mercy – Gideon’s sister, who got out of the cult too. She’s closed off and won’t communicate with Gideon.

I loved this book, as I knew I would, I don’t know if KR could write something I didn’t like! Gideon is the ultimate hero – however, all the men in KR books are. They are all beautiful, strong, protective and sweet. I thought Daisy would be different to what she turned out to be. I imagined she would be more … defiant and hardy. She turned out to be sweet and caring, and maternal and I think I perhaps wanted her to be more tough. Don’t get me wrong she is tough as in she can shoot to kill and defend to the death, but I imagined after what she’s been through with her sisters, the ranch, the alcoholism etc she’d be a bit more synical?

Another note about Gideon, and here is where I brought Kate in to my KR world, he is a Buffy fan! 🙂 Kate and I are re watching Buffy at the moment, so when Team Spike/Team Angel came up between D and G, well as Gideon said:

“Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies”.

(Obviously Angel is meant for Buffy).

I think we could have delved deeper into the cult aspect of the book, but I imagine that may come in the next instalment – perhaps Mercy will get her own book and it will be in there?

A good surprise that happened about 80% of the way in, is that Tom Hunter appeared! Little Tom from Don’t Tell (Romantic Suspense No.1). Caroline’s Tom. He is introduced as an FBI agent, who helps Gideon out late in the book. I am really hoping that KR writes Tom his own book. I think that is happening, so keep an eye out for that!

I can wholeheartedly recommend this book to any Romantic Suspense lovers, thriller lovers, I’m even hoping Kate will give it a go, she’s already shown a bit of interest.

Happy reading!

Becca x

(Thanks to NetGalley for my advanced reader copy of this book).