Hello Gorgeous!

Ahhhhhh I am done!!! And oh it’s good, it’s so wickedly good!

First things first, this is the second book in the series by Sarah J Maas. If you have not read the first book, A Court of Thorns and Roses, do not and I repeat, do not read more of the review.

Instead, go and read it, right now! I’ll wait……

Ok, done reading it? Oooh wasn’t it exceedingly good?? Well are you ready for part 2, as this is where we go from ‘OMG I can’t believe she did that’ to ‘OMFG this is not happening’.

You have been warned.

So here we go – book two, our hero from Under The Mountain, Feyre,  is happily returned to the Spring Court with her lover and husband to be, Tamlin, and life is getting back to how it should be in Prythian. As one would expect with everything Feyre went through under the mountain, the whole thing about being tortured, killed and then reborn as High Fae, unsurprisingly she is having a little trouble adapting from being a hero who rescued not only herself, her lover and a whole country, to now being expected to play the role of a High Lord’s Consort, expected to smile prettily and bear children, while he gets on with running the show. Compounded by this we have Tamlin’s increasingly controlling ways and the introduction of the simpering, High Priestess,  Ianthe.

But let’s not forget, Feyre’s bargain with Rhys. Her bargain of spending one week a month with him in return for him healing her under the mountain. It’s been a few months and no sign of Rhysand, but in true High Lord fashion our Rhys likes to make an entrance –  and when better time than when Feyre is walking down the aisle to marry Tamlin should our High Lord of Night arrive with the brilliant line that brings shivers down my spine. “Hello Feyre Darling“- This folks is where our story really begins! Rhys is true to his word and steals Feyre away for one week, and after that week he returns her to the Spring Court. One month later, the same happens. Until one day when Tamlin’s possessiveness and controlling becomes too much and he traps Feyre in the house, causing her to panic and tap into her powers. Rhys, sensing her panic sends his cousin Mor into retrieve Feyre. Rhys then gives Feyre a choice, she can stay in the Night Court with him and join the fight or he will help her settle somewhere else if she doesn’t wish to return to Tamlin in the Spring Court.  For while Amarantha is gone, the King of Hybern is still mustering his forces. Through this we meet Rhysand’s inner circle: Amren – second in campaign who is not of this world, Mor – his cousin and third in command, a dreamer born into a Court of Nightmares, Azriel – his spymaster and shadowsinger who sees and hears everything and Cassian – the low born B****** raised up to be the High Lord’s General. And we see that what the rest of Prythian believe to be the Court of Nightmares is actually the Court of Dreams.

As Feyre agrees to work with Rhysand we see her open up and trust him more and more and the chemistry between the two of them is electric! On first time reading you keep thinking ‘but what about Tamlin?’ but trust me by the time you go back and reread the first book you are so not concerned with Tamlin and you cheer when Rhys arrives.  Also, let’s remember what Sarah J did in Throne of Glass (I am still Team Chaol).

The chemistry and relationship between Rhys and Feyre is magical as you realise it’s all based on trust and acceptance, Feyre met him as the dark lord under the mountain, she has seen the worst in him and she hated him for it. But now she realises why, and what he was fighting for. And recognising what Feyre has been though, Rhys leaves it to Feyre to decide, sure he taunts and teases her but it is as a distraction to get her to focus on what is needed. By the time they both give into it, it is hot! There is a reason that while this is sold as a YA book, it’s really not for younger readers. And has given rise to the phrase ‘a court of smut and wingspan’ and because I am still 15 inside, I now giggle when I hear the phrase ‘impressive wingspan’.

Of course we can’t all be happily ever after and the King of Hybern has to rear his ugly head and in a gripping and nerve wracking finale we find all our foes aligned against our heroes with life altering consequences. The ending is brilliant and truly powerful as we realise how far Feyre will go to protect the ones she loves.

I am sure I have rambled on and on with this, but really all I can say is I love this story! It may even be my favourite- ever! My copy of the book is battered and well-loved and I am highly contemplating treating myself to the hardback edition (and at time of publishing this review, I have) as there is nothing that will stop me reading and rereading this again and again. It’s a book that soothes me when I am troubled, cheers me when I am sad and always gives me the warm fuzies, it’s basically hygge in a book . I don’t believe I can say it any better than this exchange between Rhys and Feyre when they are still getting to really know each other- I’ve always loved stars and this just solidified my love for this book.

“To the people who look at the stars and wish, Rhys” “To the stars who listen-and the dreams that are answered