So as you can probably tell, we don’t have an April wrap up this month, Becca and I have both been on a depressing reading hiatus recently and neither of us have actually read anything much this month. So instead today I thought I would share with you my April Favourites.


TV, Recently I have been loving the original series of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. I bought the complete box set around Christmas time after seeing a couple of random eps shown on 4music. As someone who didn’t really watch Sabrina after school like a lot of my friends did I am so into it. I am loving watching a 16 yr. old teenager find out she is a witch, it’s all light hearted and humourful with a moral to each episode. The fashion is of course brilliantly nostalgic and the cameos are superb, so far I have spotted N*Sync, Backstreet Boys and a fabulous Britney Spears cameo. And while writing this Gunther from Friends just made an appearance!!!!

Of course Game of Thrones is back and I am up every Monday morning at 6am to watch the latest episode on catch up before I go to work just to make sure that I don’t see any spoilers though out the day. At the time of writing there are three episodes to go!!!

Music, Westlife “Better Man”. Westlife are back, this is the second song from the forthcoming album Spectrum and I love it, this is cheesy Westlife at their best, I can very easily picture them wearing black and sitting on stools when I hear this song. I am not sure why but there are two variations of this song available for download , I downloaded both and my favourite is the orchestral version.

Movie, Avengers Endgame. Don’t worry, no spoilers here. All I ma going to say is that I went to see this at midnight on the day it came out and no matter how tired I was the next day at work I was not sorry. I even went to see it again a few days later. Yes, I have questions about certain parts of the plot, but in all I loved it and it was the ending that I really really wanted!

Beauty Products

Hair , Living Proof Shampoo, around the end of March I noticed that my hair was becoming very dry and unmanageable. On a whim while shopping in M&S I picked up this bottle of shampoo, yes it is ludicrously expensive, but hey if its gives me hair like Jennifer Aniston then I am in. My experience with Living Proof has so far been limited to a travel size of Perfect Hair Day ( did nothing for my hair) and a travel size  of the mask ( I really liked it, but again it is ludicrously expensive).  It doesn’t quite give me Jennifer Aniston hair but I am super impressed, my hair felt much sleeker and softer from the first wash, and my hairdresser even commented on what great condition my hair was is in, so yes ridiculously expensive, but I think this is something that I will repurchase.

Function Of Beauty, Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave In Conditioner. Now if you have not heard of F.o.B. it is an online custom made hair care system, you go on the website, answer the questionnaire about your hair goals and then you can pick the colour, the scent and how big a bottle you would like your new shampoo and conditioner to be. It takes a little while to arrive as it comes from America, but it was worth the wait. I really like my combination but I will be tweaking it slightly for my next order as I would prefer a different smell and a tad more moisturisation.

Ps I am deliberately not saying which combination I went for as the whole idea is it is custom for your hair and I wouldn’t want to put anyone off anything in particular about it.

Lip Trio, I have been wearing these three together as my every day neutral lip recently and I am so into it. First up I line my lips with the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Pillow talk’ lip liner to add a bit of definition and base, then I sweep on the Nars Afterglow lip balm in ‘Orgasm’ which leaves my lips highly moisturised with a pink wash of colour. Lastly I top it all off with a layer of the Alex Steinherr for Primark Plump and Glow Plumping Lip Gloss, this is amazing! it says it is a lip gloss but there is none of that sticky feeling that comes from lip gloss, instead it is highly moisturising with a bronzy tint which gives me the perfect my lips but better look. I highly recommend this lip product and will be sticking up next time I came across a Primark that stocks the Alex Steinherr range.

Well that’s it, that’s my favourites from the month of April. What have you been loving this month?

Happy Reading

Kate xxx