Hey Everyone, now I am sure you have heard about Drunk Elephant as it is very much the hot new brand going round on Instagram skincare posts – which I spend far too much of my time looking at.

Very briefly,as I am sure you have heard it all before, Drunk Elephant is the brainchild of Tiffany Masterton who as she says ” I wanted something that didn’t exist…. So I made it myself.” Drunk Elephant was originally only available in the United States so while it was something that I would see Americans ,or those lucky enough to have been over the pond, posting on Instagram it wasn’t something I could get my hands on so I wasn’t that fussed about it. Of course that is until it launched over here at Space NK and Cult Beauty late last year and all us Brits went slightly bonkers for it. DE is free from what Masterson calls the ‘suspicious six’ which are essential oils, fragrance/ dyes, silicones, sodium laurel sulphate, drying alcohols and chemical screens, as someone with sensitive skin, but that doesn’t know what the cause of the sensitivity is, I am loving how free these products are of the most common irritants. By the way the company is called Drunk Elephant as one of its hero ingredients, Marula, is known to have an intoxicating effect on elephants if they consume it, which always makes me smile an its great un to imagine tipsy elephants.

Now I waited a few weeks after the initial launch and as a Christmas present to myself I purchased the Littles Kit from Cult Beauty and then to delay the pleasure a little longer I waited awhile before giving it a go.

So in my humble opinion, this is what I thought of The Drunk Elephant Littles Kit:

Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser (30ml) –  For me this was a very unimpressive cleanser, I didn’t feel it removed my makeup very well at all, it stung my eyes slightly and was nothing special. Yes, it is a light gel like cleanser which didn’t irritate my sensitive skin, except for the eye sting. But as the full size item is £27 for 150 ml this is not one that I will be purchasing individually. I have seen it both online and in person at TK Maxx for £19.99 so if you are in to it I would recommend checking out TK Maxx before ordering. For me though, even at £20 its more than I would like to pay for this kind of cleanser and I won’t be repurchasing. The bottle is a good size for travel so it will be in my over night bag just to use it up.

Lala Retro Whipped Cream (15ml) Again this was another unimpressive product, The Whipped Cream is supposed to be for dull dry skin, which I do have so I was looking forward to this, hoping I would use it and wake up looking like I had had 8 hours sleep. However, I found that this didn’t really feel as though it sank into my skin and left my skin feeling a tad greasy. £50 for 50ml again this is not one that I will be repurchasing.

B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum (8ml) This I loved , it’s a wonderfully lightweight hydrating milky serum which my skin just lapped up. I have not repurchased this, yet, I hasten to add as I have do have a stash of hydrating serums that I am currently working through. But as I was so delighted to have another sample of this included with my Space NK Birthday treat, this will be going on my Wish List as at £44 for 50 ml it is not the cheapest serum on the market.

Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil (8ml) A lovely light weight moisturising oil which I used instead of a face cream. This is one that I will be giving serous consideration to purchasing when I have used up my current stash of facial oils. This retails at £34 for 15ml or £61 for 30ml so fingers crossed there is a discount code/ special offer when I come to order.

Shaba Complex Eye Serum (5ml) This is another thumbs up from me, however it did feel as though I needed quite a bit. This was a nicely hydrating eye serum and when I applied my concealer over the top I felt it gave a nice base. Will I repurchase it? I am not entirely sure, I did enjoy it but at £50 for 15 ml I think it will stay on my wish list for a while.

Saving the best for last, I fell in love with these two products and they were not the ones I expected to love, I thought I would be in to the cleanser and face cream more. But no, my two stand out products are the ‘actives’ in this set. They are the C-Firma Day Serum (£67 for 30 ml) and the T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum (£76 for 30ml). Both of these products I did layer with the B-Hydra Serum and the combination was excellent. Finally I have found a Vit C product and glycolic serum that I can use without irritating my sensitive skin. I was so impressed with these two that when Space NK had an N. Dulge incentive recently I finally caved and purchased the two full size products and I have been really enjoying using them as part of my skincare routine.

This version of the Littles Kit is no longer available but there is now the Littles Kit version 3.0 which as I am typing this I am currently eyeing up.

How about you, have you tried any Drunk Elephant, if so what do you think of it? Is there anything I should try next?

Happy Reading

Kate xoxoxo