Into the Dark – Karen Rose

We’ve been waiting a while for Dani and Diesel’s story, and we finally have it, in Into the Dark – the 23rd in Karen Rose’s romantic suspense series. It’s out next month (Nov 2019 in UK).

I’ll start by saying that all of KR’s books are fantastic and it would be very unlikely for me to give them anything other than 5 stars.

Dani is a doctor. She’s part of the family KR has built in her universe, that includes Police, FBI, Therapists, Reporters, Volunteers – basically all good people with open hearts and selfless personalities. Diesel is a hacker that works for a newspaper, again part of this massive family we have come to know and love.

Diesel has loved Dani from the moment he set eyes on her 18 months ago, in her free clinic helping disadvantaged and under privileged people who need her help. But she has always pushed him away and told him that they can’t be together.

Dani has her reasons for rejecting Diesel, which we find out more about in this book. We learn more about her positive HIV status, her upbringing, her deafness and her previous heartbreaking romance with Adrian.

Of course the Dani/Diesel romance is only half of the story, and we have murder galore in this instalment.

Michael witnesses his step father’s murder and must therefore go into protective custody in order to save himself and his younger brother Joshua. Michael is deaf and Joshua is only 5 years old, so to say they are vulnerable is an understatement. The killer is trying to tie up loose ends, so Michael won’t be safe until he is caught.

There are other strands that run alongside these two main stories – such as Grant Masterson and his missing siblings. It all ties up nicely in the end though.

I read this one really quickly, and these are big books! 🙂 KR doesn’t scrimp on word count, but I believe she makes every one count and doesn’t ‘waffle’. We have got the steamy sex scenes that we are promised, the gory murders that we have come looking for and we also have the warm family dynamics that we have come to know and love about her universe.

The old favourites, such as Marcus, Stone, Scarlett, Deacon and Adam are all back and quite visible in this story. Every one is needed to help with this case and everyone has their part to play.

I would recommend this to any KR fans, but also anyone who wants a fast paced thriller to get lost in.

Happy Reading, Becca x

**Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC of this book.**