Nothing to Fear – Karen Rose

Nothing to Fear is the 4th instalment in the romantic suspense series from Karen Rose, and it is also the 3rd in the Chicago series. 

We have got the usual mix of murder, sex, violence and passion. Karen Rose is just the best at writing grisly murder with blood and horror, then on the next page giving you steamy hot sex. There’s never a dull moment in any of her books, with something going on with every page turn. We have all the regular characters that appear throughout the series, which makes it so easy to read.

This time we are hearing the story of Dana Dupinsky and Ethan Buchanan. Dana has been around from the start. We met her in Don’t Tell, where we were introduced to her home for battered women and children – Hanover House. This time she’s taken in a woman and her son, who aren’t all they seem. Dana has an itching suspicion in the back of her mind, but can’t quite put her finger on what is wrong with this woman. 

Alec has been kidnapped from his home, he is deaf and mute and his speech therapist Cheryl has been killed in front of him. His parents are away for a couple of days and when they return they are confronted with every parent’s worse nightmare. So they call Alec’s godfather Ethan – who happens to be a security consultant – as the kidnapper has warned no police to be involved. 

We know the killer from the start, it isn’t a whodunnit, and we follow Ethan trying to track down his godson, whilst we also follow Dana trying to help this troubled woman we know to be a baddie. 

I enjoyed seeing Caroline, and the Hunters, back. I also liked Abe and Mia being there. All the characters are well developed and fit in well with the story. Not keen on Evie, but I don’t really know why. She’s done nothing wrong. 🙂

I would recommend this one to all KR fans. Fans of romance and thrillers. 

Happy Reading, Becca x