Crimson Lake – Candice Fox

Again, Woman and her babies are the secret heroes of this one.

I have tried to write this review three times and my tablet has crashed every time- so if this doesn’t work then I am giving up. Although if it doesn’t work then you won’t know because this won’t be here :/ Anywho…

I loved this story. I read the second in the series before I went back to the first, and I’m glad I went back to the start. Although we get a lot of the info about Ted in the second book, the details are all in the first.

Candice Fox sets the scene of the Australian rainforest so well, that we feel like we are there with the characters ever step of the way an feeling what they feel. She captures the desolate and stifling setting, and it makes the story come alive with every page turn.

Crimson Lake is where we meet Ted and Amanda, and they subsequently meet each other. Both have been arrested and charged with heinous crimes in the not so distant past, however their cases aren’t as simple as they seem, and by the time we’ve heard some detail we are sympathetic to their plights.

Ted was accused of, and charged with, the abduction and rape of a young girl in his home town. His trial ended before a verdict could be reached, so although not found guilty, he wasn’t declared innocent either. Therefore he is in some sort of limbo, where people think he is guilty and are very much out for vigilante justice, as they have no one else to blame.

He moves away, not heading anywhere in particular, finally settling in a small rainforest town called Crimson Lake, in Cairns. Where his lawyer sets him up with Amanda.

Amanda was sent to prison for murdering her friend when she was a teenager. She is now out and runs a PI agency, which Ted reluctantly goes to work for. Amanda’s case is not as straight forward as it seems and we get to know more about it as the book progresses.

While we learn about Ted and Amanda, we also hear about the case they are currently working on, of a writer who has gone missing. As the stories run parallel to each other we get to know more about each character and their little idiosyncrasies. Amanda is a hard one to like. Ted is also not the most welcoming of guys. But as main characters go, they are both really interesting.

All in all this was written well and I enjoyed the detail in the story. I started this book before my little girl was born and only just finished it, so it has taken about 2 months! I think I preferred the second in the series ‘Redemption Point’, but this was an excellent read none the less.

I would recommend this to thriller fans and would liken it to books such as The Dry by Jane Harper.

B x