You can’t hide – Karen Rose

This is the 5th instalment in the overall Romantic Suspense series by Karen Rose, but the 4th in the Chicago series. We’ve got some of the previous characters appearing as secondary in this one, such as Spinelli, Abe and Mia. And some brand new ones.

The same ingredients that make KR books amazing are all here in this romantic thriller. There’s sex, violence, blood, gore, deception and thrills. The body count keeps getting higher as we get through the story and there are so many twists and turns. 

The story follows Tess Ciccotelli, a psychiatrist who also uses her talents in criminal trials. She’s recently been involved in a controversial case whereby she ‘got a killer off’ by recommending that he be sent to a psychiatric unit instead of a prison. This makes the police despise her and so when she is implicated in the murder of one of her patients, they immediately declare her guilty and try to shut down the investigation. Tess is closed off and reluctant to share any of herself with others, this makes her seem cold and unapproachable to those looking in, but once you get to know her story, you see that she has reason to be slightly wary of people.

Aidan Reagan is the brother of Abe, who we have met previously in his book with Kristen, and he is also a cop. He is assigned Tess’s case and at first feels the same way as all the other cops.. But in true Karen Rose style, he sees Tess and is instantly smitten. 

Tess’s client’s seem to be dying suspiciously – being made to look as though they are taking their own lives. When evidence points to Tess being guilty of the crime she must fight to clear her name and save herself from a merciless killer.

This story had everything. The murders are grisly and Rose doesn’t hold back in her descriptions. I’ve said it before, but I don’t believe that the gore is there for shock value and is necessary for the story. The romance is, as usual, hot and steamy and very quick to develop. I mean, it isn’t very realistic but we can all dream that men like Aidan exist and fall in love with you instantly….

I would absolutely recommend this to all Karen Rose fans and also those who are looking for something exciting and with plenty of depth. It’s not a short book by any stretch of the imagination and I had to borrow it on my cousin’s Kindle as my Hardback was just too cumbersome to read in the middle of the night! (Ta G x)

I’m looking forward to the next on my re read of the Karen Rose universe! 

Happy reading!

B x