Faithless – Karin Slaughter

I love this book.

It is the fifth in the Grant Series, following Dr Sara Linton and her husband, Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver. This book starts with Sara and Jeffrey arguing (as usual) in the forest behind Sara’s parent’s house around the lake. Jeffrey’s past is catching up with him again, as he hears devastating news from the woman he cheated on Sara with. Whilst arguing, the pair come across a body buried in the ground beneath them.

This story follows the investigation to find out who killed her and why, leading us to a religious family on the outskirts of the town.

The family are devout Christians running a Soy farm, that employs ex cons and down-and-outs that need help. Slightly extreme in their beliefs, they are viewed by the outside as more of a cult, and thus suspicion falls wholly on them when the body is discovered to be one of their own.

I enjoyed this one, as I do every Slaughter book. It dealt really well with religious ignorance, family dynamics, domestic abuse and so much more. There is violence and gore, and plenty of people are hurt or killed along the way, but it all adds up to a really good crime thriller. It touches on insurance fraud as well, just for good measure.

Sara and Jeffrey’s relationship is further explored here, as they have to deal with this new obstacle that Jeffrey has brought into their lives. I love S & J, they are the original Slaughter couple and how ever much I go on about it, I am 100% sure of my allegiance to Jeffrey over Will. They keep overcoming everything that is thrown at them, most of it is, admittedly, Jeffrey’s fault. But they get stronger each time.

When I finished this book, I felt sad, and frustrated and annoyed……. Even though I loved it. The problem I have is that I have already read this series, and I know what is coming in the next one. And I hate that I have that to come next. I mention in almost all of my Grant Country Series reviews how much I hate Lena, and it is never more than in this and the next book. I HATE HER! 🙂

Anyway, I would 100% recommend this to Slaughter fans, Thriller fans, those who like a good mystery involving a ‘cult’.

Happy Reading, B x