Rico Stays – Ed Duncan

Rico Stays is the third instalment in this thrilling series from Ed Duncan. Although, I’ve not read the other two in the series, I don’t think that hampered my enjoyment of this fast paced crime novel. Easily read as a standalone, this one gets a solid 4 stars from us here at The Beautiful Book Break.

Our story beings with Rico defending a small kid from a bad man. An altercation over some spilt drinks, causes Rico to get involved where perhaps he should have just left it. 3 dead men later, and wounded Rico wakes up in hospital with the bad guys on his tail. We follow him through the story, hiding out and trying to keep himself and those around him alive.

I liked this book. It’s short, coming in at 180 pages long, and it is very fast paced. I enjoyed that aspect as it kept me enthralled and turning the pages so that I read it in one evening. The writing is well crafted and there aren’t any dull moments in this book. We are constantly rooting for Rico to come out on top, even though he isn’t the most innocent of characters.

Conflicted about our emotions for this anti-hero, we can appreciate the situation he has got himself in, as it seems that he only really kills men who deserve it.

There are more moments in this book that are tense and suspenseful, than there aren’t. And I can guarantee that if you like some of this book, then you will like all of this book.

We were kindly given a free copy of this book by the author and want to thank him for that. I will absolutely be checking out the earlier books in this series at some point.

Happy reading

Becca x