Written in blood by Chris Carter

Written in blood is Chris Carter’s 11th book in the Robert Hunter series. I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. And I am delighted to say this book was amazing!

Robert Hunter works with the UVC unit in LA. He and his partner, Garcia, investigate Ultra Violent Crimes, which includes serial killers. They are put on the trail of a prolific serial killer when a pickpocket, Angela, steals the killers bag containing his murder diary. The diary details the previous 16 murders committed by the killer. Hunter and Garcia must catch the perpetrator before he can kill again and protect Angela from him.

The book is fast paced and packed with action. We are thrown into the drama as soon as we open the front cover. I don’t think there is ever a bit in this book where I got bored and didn’t want to turn to the next page. It’s gory, it’s gruesome, it’s very graphic, but we get a proper sense of these horrible crimes and how much impact they have. Don’t read this just before bed and definitely don’t read it if you are squeamish!

In the previous books we have seen Hunter develop and progress and this one is no different. I actually felt that there was a softer side to him in this book in the way that he handled Angela from the start. He’s complex and mood driven, and his personality really shines through when he has got a problem to solve.
The conclusion to this book was great, as usual. I read it so very quickly. I think 4 days? For me that’s impressive, with a baby at home and a house to run!

Release date for this book is 23rd July 2020 and I 100% recommend going and getting yourself a copy.

Happy reading everyone!