This is the first in a series of books featuring Rico, an enforcer, who whilst proficient at his murderous job, strangely has a conscience and is quite likeable.

Rico is sent after a thief, by his boss, on orders to retrieve a necklace and dispatch the offender. What he doesn’t count on are two witnesses to his crime. This presents a new challenge and new set of targets. As always, a love interest muddys the waters and Rico is torn between doing his job and protecting the one he’s grown to love.

I read the third in the series, Rico Stays, a little while ago and very much enjoyed it. When I read it, I said I’d go back and read the first two when I got a chance. Luckily for me, we were sent copies of the previous two books by the author and got to read them earlier than I thought I would.

I enjoyed revisiting the character of Rico, he’s a character that stays with you once you’ve read him. I think he was very well fleshed out in all three of the books I’ve read, and his character just gets more and more interesting as we continue the series.

I like that we have a kind of anti villain. He is definitely a bad guy, no question about it, I mean he kills people for a living – that’s never good. However, he does have a semi conscience and some morality. Whether it is anything like most people’s is questionable but we become endeared to him in some ways. His charm and vulnerability shine through. I imagine he’d not want us to see that side of him, but hey he’s made up, so tough!

Overall we loved the entire three book series. And would recommend to anyone looking for a sort of noir gangster hitman vibe.

Happy reading!


*Thank you to the author for our copy of this series. All opinions are our own and in no way influenced by receiving these books*