Published May 8th 2014 by Penguin UK| ISBN1405914874 (ISBN13: 9781405914871)

I was blown away by this one. I kept stopping reading to make it last longer.

My favourite books are thrillers – and my favourite sub genre of this, is a good police procedural. I love a gritty nuanced detective to get to know and a difficult case to solve, preferably with a serial killer at the helm. Eeny Meeny had this, and more!

Helen Grace is a police detective in London. She is in charge of her unit and has a group of other detectives working below her. She’s done really well in the force, perhaps at the detriment of her personal life, but she doesn’t seem to want or need any family and friends and this therefore makes her an ideal police detective. Her immediate underlings are Charlie and Mark. Two very loyal police officers, who have worked with Helen for a long time. They both admire and revere her, but like I say are fiercely loyal.

When it becomes clear that a sick killer is playing games with people loosely connected with Helen, she must race against time to find them before any more people can be hurt. It isn’t necessarily a unique concept – one must kill or be killed in order to get out of the game – but that didn’t matter to me at all. It had Criminal Minds and Saw vibes to me and I loved that. Really well written with such an excellent cast of characters.

There was A LOT of grisly detail in this one, so if you are squeamish it’s best you stay away from it. From maggots to bodily fluids, to decay and blood – this one holds no bars when it comes to describing the torturous methods used by the serial killer.

The ending was just mind blowing. I finished this and was speechless, I was just completely overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do with myself! I had to find someone to talk to about it and I’m sure my ramblings made no sense then, and I’m still not really over it! 🙂

Nobody gets out of this one without some damage – be it emotional, physical …. fatal!

100% recommended, definitely one of my favourite reads of the year. I can not WAIT for the next one to get into my hands.

Happy reading!