Published December 2020|Aphrodite Books|ISBN1734901810|ISBN13: 9781734901818

Celeste is an intelligent and powerful corporate manager. She works in hedge fund management and is at the top of her game professionally.

When her world comes crashing down around her, after the death of her fiancé Theodore, she must try and rebuild herself and exact revenge on the disgusting Omar.

Celeste has powered her way up through the ranks of her profession and battled far harder than any man has. She has had to prove herself in every way and has therefore become hardened and cynical along the way.

This book travels across the world and you’ll find yourself in France and the Middle East, drowning in the culture and experience. I really enjoyed this aspect and loved how immersive it was. Celeste is playing a dangerous game and she doesn’t seem to realise it, or realise how much danger she is in, anyway.

The juxtaposition of Celeste’s man-eater/hardened/professional persona and her group of lovable, loyal friends is great. We see a real chemistry at work here and the fact that her circle of close male best friends is so unconditional, speaks volumes about the real Celeste and what she is like underneath her icey exterior. It is despite, or perhaps because of, her traumatic past, that she can rely so unflinchingly on these guys.

Omar is just a loser – he’s worse than that but I can’t write it on here – he’s bad to the core and I can’t say too much without giving things away, but he should be completely written off, in every way.

It’s tense, suspenseful, full of surprises and twists. It has difficult detail and a visual narrative. Those who don’t like reading graphicly violent scenes should probably avoid parts of the book. Overall, I enjoyed it. It kept me hooked and I read it quite quickly.

I hear there is a second on it’s way? Definitely looking forward to that!

Recommended to those who like a twisty thriller with heart stopping moments and plenty of detail.

Thank you to Kelsey at book publicity services for sending us a free copy to review. This in no way affected our review and we are very thankful for the opportunity.