Avon | Published 15/04/2021 | ISBN0008441847 (ISBN13: 9780008441845)

Bridget is a new mum, recently diagnosed with post-natal depression, taking tablets to stabilise her condition and generally just stressed out from work and life. One night, on her way home from work, she sees a little girl get abducted at a train station. The police don’t believe her, her husband doesn’t believe her, her own mum doesn’t believe her. So, she sets out to find the missing girl herself. 

This was a really interesting story. It isn’t a new idea, and it definitely had echoes of GIRL ON A TRAIN and some of those ITV dramas that are on every other week at the moment, but overall, I did enjoy it.  

I found Bryony Pearce’s descriptions of being a first-time mum particularly true to life, and she left no details out, which as a mum to a toddler, I could relate to all too well. Whilst I found this endearing, it also reminded me that this is a debut, and I could definitely tell. That isn’t to say it was badly written, on the contrary, I believe this made it more welcoming to a reader.

It’s relatability had me engrossed in the story and routing for our protagonist the whole way through.  

I didn’t completely see the ending coming. I had a whiff of what was to come from quite early on, but the actual tying up was great. It all happened so quickly once the final reveal was made. It is the kind of book you read in one sitting, so be warned!  

I loved how utterly absorbed I was in this book. How I completely lost track of time and pleaded with Bridget in my head to get to the little girl sooner and save her. Bryony’s writing is fast paced and constantly evolving, but on the flip side, I was never lost or left behind and I’m really impressed with this.

There is nowhere in this book where I am confused and I think the small cast of characters helps with this. We have the main players – Bridget and her husband Tom, and of course baby Grace. Then there is her mum, her two friends Sam and Neil and her ‘Aunt Gillian’. It’s great to be able to get your head around the characters so quickly, as I find that to be one of the most frustrating aspects of some more complex thrillers – the web of people we need to learn about and remember.

Bryony Pearce stuns with this mesmerising debut, it’ll have you hooked from the beginning and you’ll not want to put it down.

Overall a fab read, and one I would recommend to someone who wants a psychological suspense, a whodunnit to play along with or just a quick thriller. 

Many thanks to Avon for the gifted copy of this book.

Happy reading,

Becca x