Published June 24th 2021|HarperCollins|ISBN0008303509

Now, this was a standalone from Ms Slaughter and I must say I have been waiting for this for a long time.

I, of course, need another Will and Sara in my life, but her standalones are just so gripping that I wait with just as much anticipation for them as I do the series’.

False Witness was amazing. Should I stop there? This review will generally just gush so be warned!!

Leigh is an attorney, she has a good career with a well known law firm, she’s got a husband (ish) and a daughter, and apart from the usual life problems, seems to be doing ok.

Her sister Callie on the other hand, is a junkie, living in hotel rooms, working – sometimes – for a little old man who has taken pity on her and doesn’t know she’s stealing pet medication from him. Their two worlds couldn’t be more separate, but they are about to come crashing back together, when a familiar face hires Leigh to be her lawyer and get him off a rape charge.

This story has so much going on, it has murder, torture, rape, drugs, divorce, kidnap, paedophilia, abuse – parental and domestic, there is nothing left unsaid in this book. So if you have trouble with any of these things, don’t read it. In fact I wouldn’t read any Karin Slaughter books to be honest.

I enjoyed reading about Leigh and Carrie’s different lives and how they had each made different decisions with the same upbringing. Each having their own reasons, which heartbreakingly were not completely based on accurate information. FW had a base line of sisterly connection and family love, and ended in the only way it really could.

Walter was a standout character for me, he was just so sweet and understanding. But I do question whether his patience would truly have lasted as long as it did, in real life. He proper loves Leigh! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, overall, this book was fantastic, you should go and read it. Then you should go and read all Karin Slaughter’s other books. Then you should come back and thank me for improving your reading life! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy reading!

Recommended for fans of thrillers, crime fiction, gory details.

Happy reading

Becca x