FAVOURITE BOOK OF THE YEAR. This was fantastic. I urge you to get a copy of this when it is released in August 2021.

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the third book in the Sacramento series, and I am so happy that I was given a chance to read this one before pub day.

Karen Rose is an absolute favourite of mine and I have all her books and have re-read them many times. Each year it’s torture waiting for the next instalment – I need to know what is going on with my favourite fictional family!

All my KR reviews mention the fact that the thing that draws me in and keeps me in, is the massively complex and lovely family/friends web that she has created. The books are all intertwined throughout various families, and link to one another in some way. This new book is no exception – while being the third in the sub series for Sacramento – we go back to some favourites from earlier sub series’ too.

SAY GOODBYE is Tom Hunter’s story.

Tom Hunter from book one – DON’T TELL – way back when. We were introduced to him as a terrified young boy, on the run from his violent father, with his abused mother, and ending up being rescued by Max Hunter and Dana Dupinsky. SAY GOODBYE completes his storyline with Liza, his best friend of 7 years and the woman he’s loved since he met her all those years ago. She was only 17 and he 20 when they met so of course a relationship was off limits, but now they are much older, wiser and desperately in love with each other – even if neither of them know it!

The writing is fast paced, there is a lot of action, as with all KR’s books. The bad guy is really bad and from a cult called Eden.

Eden has been the focus of the previous two in the series, where Mercy and Gideon escaped and we had their stories. It’s all resolved in this one and the ending is fab. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to tie it all up.

Congratulations KR on another fantastic instalment, and I am already anticipating the next… Who’s story will it be??

Do yourself a favour and pick this one up if you want action, love, family and friendship bonds like no other, and generally a heart stopping thrill ride. A bit softer on the steam this time, but it’s still there simmering away in the background. You’ll be swept up in the group dynamics and just want to be a part of this huge family KR has created.

Can’t recommend this more. Go read it. And also read all her others, in any order, but I’d recommend in order.

Thank you to the publishers for our copy.

Happy reading!

Becca x