Well what a lovely book.

WHEN THINGS GET TOO LOUD tells the story of Bo who has some difficulty with the world around him when things get too loud, or too bright, or too big, or too smelly, and how he tries to calm himself back down so he feels safe.

The illustrations in this book are beautiful, really fun and sweet. And the words sound like they are written from experience rather than research. There’s an honesty and realness about this children’s book so it is a good one for kids slightly older than mine. (mine just wanted to point to all the pictures and tell me what they were)

A good book for a conversation starter with children, this brings autism awareness to its reader.

Congratulations Anne on a fabulous book – this one is OUT NOW. I can’t recommend this enough to those with young children, looking for a book to breach the subject of autism or to help an autistic child find a way to express themselves.

Happy reading!



We were sent a copy of this book in exchange for our honest opinion.