Darkness falls|Robert Bryndza|Sphere, Little Brown|ISBN978-0751572780|Published 07/12/2021.

DARKNESS FALLS is the third in the Kate Marshall series from Robert Bryndza. A huge fan of his previous Erika Foster series, I am so happy that this newer series is also really really engaging and thrilling.

Kate and Tristan have set up a PI business after being left property and a small camping business by a friend. Tristan has gone part time at his job, much to his sisters annoyance, and Kate is throwing everything she has into making this business work.

They pick up the case of a missing person from 12 years ago, after the mother of the missing woman turns to them for help. What follows is a thoroughly detailed and intricate investigation, that throws up so much criminal activity it will take a minute to get your head around it!! The vast array of characters that you come across will be one of the biggest challenges and I wanted so desperately to have a murder board set up to link them all with red string! πŸ™‚

Kate and Tristan uncover historic crimes including male prostitution, murder, bribery etc and they also uncover some horrible hidden truths about the missing woman’s family and friends network. So much happens in this book and it was a lot of fun putting it all together. The twist at the end was arrived at quite slowly so I had time to guess what was going on. It didn’t detract from the reveal though because I don’t like surprises anyway πŸ™‚

Another great personal thing for me was that it is set in my home town! While I love finding this in a book, I also find it really annoying!! While I love how I get to see landmarks and familiar places crop up, I hate thinking how it is all out of place!!! πŸ™‚ John Lewis isn’t over there, we are a city not a town, that town isn’t that many miles away… I loved how frustrated I was getting. This isn’t a down point, it’s a plus point πŸ™‚

Anywho, a fabulous read and one I can recommend to any Bryndza fan, thriller fan, anyone who likes a good mystery to solve and anyone who wants to get immersed in a historic cold case.

Thank you to the publishers SPHERE, LITTLE BROWN for our gifted copy of this book.

Let me know if you plan on reading this one when it comes out in December.

Happy reading!