The Newcomer by Laura Elizabeth Woollett published by Scribe

Well this is a different type of book for me, but when Becca said we had been sent two copies of this murder mystery novel I decided to give it a go, after all…. I can’t read fantasy fiction all day every day ( well I can, but I shouldn’t 😂)

Set on a pacific island off the coast of Australia, Judy arrives to visit her daughter Paulina. But when Paulina doesn’t show up, Judy begins to fear the worst and after a while it becomes apparent that Judy was right to fear the worst as Paulina’s body has been found.

What follows is a gripping mystery told from Paulina’s POV before her death which very much makes everyone on the island a suspect, and Judy’s POV following Paulina’s death. With a couple of extra POVs from the supporting characters. 

This isn’t my normal type of read, but I was gripped and read it in two sittings.  I really liked that we got both Paulina’s perspective and her mother’s as it was great to see the two points of view and I also liked that Paulina was not exactly likeable, honestly if she was my friend I wouldn’t have had time for her BS as she was very much a tragic hot mess.  This also seemed more “realistic” shall we say, the crime wasn’t solved within a week like tv shows or books will often portray, it was solved a few years later when new evidence came to light. 

 I did find that I would have liked more information on the why and how of Paulina’s death, but at the same time I felt that wasn’t really the point of the story. It was to show how Paulina interacted with others and how her life impacted the others on the island.

Thank you to Scribe and Laura for sending us our gifted copies. Does this sound like your kind of thing? Let us know if you’ve read it.

Happy reading x