A brand new KR to get stuck into – can you resist? No, probably not. And you will not be disappointed. This one is fantastic. Out 2nd March 2023 – you need to run to the nearest book store and get this book!

People who know me, know that I am a lifelong Karen Rose fan. Not one of her books have I not liked, and this is no exception. In fact I would say this one is one of her best for a few years, and as the past few books have been amazing that tells you all you need to know about this one.

COLD BLOODED LIAR is the first in a new series and we have a new set of characters to play with.

Kit is a police officer, drawn to the force to avenge the death of her foster sister Wren. Sam is a psychologist with a pathological liar as a patient and has a moral dilemma as to his reporting duties. Their paths cross and a serial killer is identified. Can they catch him before he destroys any more lives?…

Well we pretty much know that we’ll get a good ending, with some romance and danger thrown in. The bad guys always lose, but how many good guys will we lose along the way? Kit and Sam are really interesting characters and I’m intrigued to see where KR goes next with them. Ultimately I guess we’ll find out more about Wren and her disappearance/murder.

If you want fast paced, twisty danger then you’ve got it here. If you want a subtle romance bubbling away and not quite peeking through, then perhaps that might be in here too. Usually we have a pretty high heat level with Rose’s books – but this one is definitely on the lower end of the spice-o-meter. It’s hinted at though, so we know something could maybe happen as we progress the series. Something to look forward to?

I finished reading this one in a few days and Karen’s books are always chunkers, so that was pretty good for me. Loved it and can’t recommend it enough. Please pick up a copy when this one releases on 2nd March.

Happy reading


*thanks to Headline publishing for the advanced copy of this book we received in exchange for an honest review. We received both a digital and physical copy of this book.